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Baol Bardot Bulsara shooting TNT's Not Feeling Anything

Let me tell you a little bit about my career.

I started quite late to make a living on stages, before that I had small jobs here and there, nothing related to art.

I always wanted to have a band in my teens, but somehow it never quite happened. I wrote songs from time to time, but had to record them in a precarious way, in a 4 track Fostex, with the help of some musician friends. Meanwhile I discovered Jesus Christ Superstar, by auditioning without having ever heard a chord of it. It was then that I found out I could sing the Christ parts, so I was able to actually sing high like my heroes. Freddie Mercury, Michael Sweet, Tony Harnell, Mickey Thomas, Geoff Tate, Sammy Hagar, Bobby Kimball… Those were my standards on the rock side. Though I have never been a pure metalhead (half of my top 10, if I had it, would definetly be NON rocker!), that genre’s way of approaching vocals was the one I enjoyed the most.

And so I was decided, I had to do this for a living!

Since then, I’ve been part of orchestras, cover bands, gospel choirs, tribute bands, musicals, theatre, dubbing, cruise shows, some original bands… I have sang in commercial jingles and I even had a small role in an independent movie!

I’ve toured Spain, Portugal, and South/Central America playing with bands, I’ve been vocal director of choirs, wrote lyrics and arranged songs for original musicals, and recorded in some albums too.

Some of the Musicals I’ve worked in are We Will Rock You, Forever King Of Pop, Jesus Christ Superstar, Esos Locos Fantasmas, Rent

I’ve dubbed for TV shows and films like Phineas & Ferb, Pokémon, Crazy Ex-girlfriend, I’m In The Band, Lion King or Aladdin
Some bands I’ve collaborated with are
Rawckett, Mägo de Öz, Manakel, Ahija2, Black Light Gospel Choir, Strangers

This path is a ever learning process and a beautiful craft, despite the uncertainty. But it is what I do. It is all I know.

This is my life.

Thank you for reading!



Photo by: Baol Bardot Bulsara

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