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Baol Bardot Bulsara at the studio

Hi there!

I gladly announce I'm offering my services and experience as a studio singer. If you have a musical project but no vocalist, or if you need your backing vocals arrangement to stand out, or you just would like me to sing in your song/album, just message or email me!


You can listen to my latest studio releases in my personal project, BULSARA, in TNT's album "XIII", as well as in Strangers' "Brand New Start".

I've been a studio singer, either lead or backing vocals, from artist's projects to dubbing songs for tv shows and films, for over a decade. I have been part of and directed choirs, I have also worked in musical theatre and performed live with dozens of projects and bands of all styles for more than 20 years!


I'm your man for the job!


Professional quality sound. Competitive prices!


Ask away!!

For your projects

·Composition / recording of lead vocals

·Design / recording of backing vocals

·Vocal and musical arrangements

·Lyrical composition

·Full song composing / recording

·Lyrical Spanish/English adaptation

Professional sound quality

Some of my works


·Lion King


·Lady and The Tramp

·Phineas And Ferb

·South Park
·I'm In The Band
·Spectacular Spiderman

·Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

·Wander Over Yonder

·Muppets Most Wanted

·Princess Sofía
·Scooby Doo

·Thomas & Friends
·Veggie Tales


·Austin & Ally

·Disney XD

·Gravity Falls

·Sanjay and Craig

·Randy Cunningham

·Lion Guard

·Lucky Fred

·Winnie The Pooh

·Glitch Techs



·OK K.O.!

·El Asombroso Mundo de Gumball

·Sewing Ashes in Outland (videogame)


Photo by: Baol Bardot Bulsara

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