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"Bulsara’s vocals fit TNT’s musical style like a glove, and possesses a pleasing and engaging falsetto – highly comparable to Steve Perry (Journey)."
"Let me tell you, I'm really impressed by the personality. And he acts like a true star, too, offstage, so I like that."
-Ronni Le Tekrø
Baol Bardot Bulsara's debut with TNT 2017

I think I was 16 when I heard TNT for the first time. I was at a hard rock club and they played the Tonight I’m Falling video. I fell in love right away.

There was no internet back then, so you had to either buy or borrow. You have to realize that, in those days, purchasing records was no easy task for a student kid! I somehow managed to buy the Intuition cassette (probably my parents did…) and was blown away by its songwriting, arrangments, musicianship, and, of course, the guitars and the vocals! WOW! I learnt it by heart so I even wrote an album critic for a fanzine a few years later!

Later on, I  borrowed Tell No Tales, which I found out was a masterpiece too, and then got Realized Fantasies when it just came out. In fact, the first CD I ever bought was Three Nights in Tokyo, and I didn’t even had a CD player yet! I had to go to someone else’s place to be able to listen to it, and record it on a cassette!

TNT was one of the very few bands from that era that I found intriguing, fresh, original and GOOD, through their whole evolution from the 80’s 'til today.
Tony Harnell became and still is a great inspiration and a key to my development as a singer. And Ronni Le Tekrø blowed my mind… What the hell is that guitar part on the choruses on Caught Between The Tigers? Simply amazing…!

In a cosmic way, TNT made me. It sowed me, and now, harvest season has arrived…

Debut with TNT at the Oslo Spektrum for more than 8.000 people. November 22, 2017.

Interview for TNT's website (English)

Photo by: Kenneth Baluba Sporsheim

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